Sunday, June 6, 2010

THE LIONS (of judah) - Mysterious Signals

The Lions (of judah) - Mysterious Signals
Live - August 22,2009
Recorded Live, Digitally last year at a secret 'House Party'
in Northern Stamford, CT
Opting to go against the norm for playing at a party, The Lions set up the recording gear and the high powered massively overloaded and dangerous multi-piece sound system. They mingled about for a few and then they offered guests this six minute sad electro lament at a huge volume. The partygoers seemed both unfazed and uncaring.

The personnel on this track are as follows Chris Trudeau (sicboy, The Stick) both produced this recording and plays a casiotone piano, Drew Trudeau (sicboy, The Stick) plays a Gibson SG guitar along with a casiotone piano, Kevin Jones (sicboy) soars while playing a vintage Roland JP8000 Synthesizer, Gregg provides low end with an Electric Bass Guitar, T.(sicboy, dharmata,the international meet, Dj Tanner) plays a macbook pro, A Boss DR660 Drum machine with twoTechnics 1210s through an Ecler HAK mixer. The band plays customized instruments through many and varied customized effects units.
To see the high resolution video click here.

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