Saturday, November 6, 2010

Working on some cute characters.

I recently challenged myself to draw one cute character a day while I eat my lunch. I am using this opportunity to improve my ability to ink with a brush (while preparing and eating my lunch). Being such a pen person I have noticed over time alot of the people I really admire ink or inked with a brush, so... i'd like to be better at it. I am certainly getting faster at it, it's fun. You can try to guess which three are swiped poses.

Diamond Dave rockin' the Kappa

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cracked Out- Masters of Ceremony

The 1986 hit Cracked Out about being Cracked Out is a huge hit at my house - it went platinum in the kitchen alone. Listen for my favorite part, when the girl says 'all the freaks do it" hahahaaa thats a crazy sentence and an even crazier sentiment. I want to be a freak and do what all the freaks are doing..... Freaks Come Out At Night, Superfreak all my experience up till now led me to believe no girl aspired to be a freak, but this song set me straight. Some chicks wanna be freaky and smoke that crack. One of them is in this song and gosh darn it she is great.
08 Cracked Out by tmrsn