Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jennifer Schauder Smith

Super Artist Jennifer Schauder Smith shares with us her latest sweet and wonderful drawing.
Her beautiful lyrical line and wonderful sense of style make her one of the greatest of her generation. We are honored to be able to premiere this grand image to you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Lions (of judah) on WPKN 89.5fm

International Superstar DJ and Local Hero Bobby D plays The Lions (of judah) on 89.5 WPKNs' Connecticut Rocks Show, Check out the archived show for lots of great Connecticut rock.

Click here to listen to Monday, July 19th, 2010 edition of Connecticut Rocks

You can email Bobby D at
Tell him how great we are, tell him how great you are and heck, tell him how great he is.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trestles - Bah Bah Black Speed You Duck Emperor

Trestles with The Lions (of judah) - Bah Bah Black Speed You Duck Emperor.
A cross country tape trading process led old friends Trestles (Justin Bahniuk, Michael Gates and Steven Phillips) and The Lions (of judah) (t.mrsn, Andrew Trudeau, Chris Trudeau, Gregg and Kevin Jones) into this - the latest collaboration between the two super collectives -Bah Bah Black Speed You Duck Emperor- Tracks were traded and bounced back and forth rather quickly and with ease, each side tweaking the others progress. Dance floor mayhem is currently ensuing.

Quick Sketch

Monday, July 12, 2010


Curse Industries is gearing up. We're working hard and soon hope to share some of the fruits of our labor.
T.Diggy has been a busy bee. He's spent the past few months designing our entire line of apparel, with over a HUNDRED designs and graphics to choose from. Now we are in the process of deciding which of the shirts we will be producing in very limited runs. And let me tell you, from what I've seen, it's going to be very difficult slimming down the choices. If we had the money we'd print every single design. They're that RAD! Everything you'd expect from our faithful cartoonist and designer genius. The sooner we find financing and add that to the pennies we are scraping together - the sooner you'll see the glory of our crazy brains manifested!

For now we hope you'll stay tuned in and come back from time to time to check out updates, information, and articles on all our favorite local artist friends. We'll also be updating the blog with comics, music videos and some of the latest tracks we're kicking out with The Lions (of judah), our awesomely dope experimental music project.

Check back soon to find out which design we choose for our first run of T-Shirts. Designed, created, and hand-pressed by Todd himself! It's gonna ROCK and they'll be very limited. (If you want to donate an old shirt or pants we'll also gladly custom silkscreen them)

We take cash donations! Chip in now, before we become MILLIONAIRES! We might stop and pick you up in our twin yellow Lamborghini Countachs some day!

And here's a sneak peek of the perfection that is the future!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Robert Beams' Super Robot Destroys!

Robert Beam (The International Meet, ucer, ex-virus 23) is an artist and great friend who resides in Bridgeport.
I first met Beam at a Halloween party held by Stacy Valentine (Norwalks' Original Goth), I found out Beam had went to alot of the same shows I had gone to at The Anthrax and also, that he worked at a comic book store, We were brothers from that night. He worked at a comic book store all right but not at Galaxy Comics! The store where my allegiances lay - partly out of force of habit, But mostly because Galaxy Comics was little, dirty, dark, the guy who owned it was a BIG imposing gruff guy named Fred, who just couldn't be bothered unless you had a file, (I most certainly had a file), But the worst part was his wife. She was always there and usually screaming in the back of the shop from behind the banners and posters (Cerebus, Elfquest that type of shit), She scared me when she would come tromping out, I was a shy skinny lanky boy. Long story short - My new main man Beam worked at Flamingo Street or Dream Factory, and they are the quintessential new school shop with bright lights, everything clean, they are hosting role playing games, they are totally superhero-centric, (I maintained my file at Galaxy until it closed, then got one at Dream Factory, ugh Dream Factory -note sarcasm here- that's a really cool name.) I think it was even a goddamn chain store, if I remember correctly. But the topper was this kid who worked there who played that he was a vampire 24/7, presumably because he was really into 'The Crow'. That was some weird ass corny shit to do back then, kinda now, too.).But, after I met Beam I would go there every week to show him my sketchbook and look at his. In true Entourage style Beam would move next to Los Angeles with childhood friend Charlie Heath, star of the film Leprechaun 2, When he returned back east years later he lived with me for awhile up on Flax Hill Road and we would just draw together at night all the time, finishing each others drawings and collaborating on music, (additionally we would be skipping stones and singing Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows) it was a great time, But like all great times it eventually ended when we were asked to vacate the premises. Beam moved on to Black Rock and he seems to really love it and love to hate it,
As an artist he has worked with the likes of Matthew Shipp, The David S. Ware Quartet, Mike Ladd, Meat Beat Manifesto and so many more. You can see/hear alot of what he does both here and here. He has recently begun a fantastic animation which he is kindly (cause I am like a friend of his and stuff) letting us see the first glimpses of.
For the High Res Version Click Here
It is truly Amazing. I cant wait to see it in Imax 3D.
Don't forget to check out the other clip right here.
Amazing Double amazing.
What one man can accomplish with both style and originality.