Monday, July 12, 2010


Curse Industries is gearing up. We're working hard and soon hope to share some of the fruits of our labor.
T.Diggy has been a busy bee. He's spent the past few months designing our entire line of apparel, with over a HUNDRED designs and graphics to choose from. Now we are in the process of deciding which of the shirts we will be producing in very limited runs. And let me tell you, from what I've seen, it's going to be very difficult slimming down the choices. If we had the money we'd print every single design. They're that RAD! Everything you'd expect from our faithful cartoonist and designer genius. The sooner we find financing and add that to the pennies we are scraping together - the sooner you'll see the glory of our crazy brains manifested!

For now we hope you'll stay tuned in and come back from time to time to check out updates, information, and articles on all our favorite local artist friends. We'll also be updating the blog with comics, music videos and some of the latest tracks we're kicking out with The Lions (of judah), our awesomely dope experimental music project.

Check back soon to find out which design we choose for our first run of T-Shirts. Designed, created, and hand-pressed by Todd himself! It's gonna ROCK and they'll be very limited. (If you want to donate an old shirt or pants we'll also gladly custom silkscreen them)

We take cash donations! Chip in now, before we become MILLIONAIRES! We might stop and pick you up in our twin yellow Lamborghini Countachs some day!

And here's a sneak peek of the perfection that is the future!

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  1. When Rich I am going to go with a pimped out Delorean, Cause they have the power of back in time. you won't need a credit card to ride my train.