Friday, August 20, 2010

512bit - 133bpm C minor Demo

After all the covers I have put up lately I wanted to change it around and put one of my works in progress up.
It's pretty early in the process (stage two) and it is moving along pretty well. It's a song... so far... about my man Kenneth.
Two Antique Synths, Circuit Bent Casio, Dr.Sample, 8Bit sound generator, Two turntables and a microphone. Feel free to remix - reuse - repurpose at will.

512bit133bpmCminorDemo.mp3 - 4 MB

Friday, August 13, 2010

The International Meet - BrownHaven GreenHaven Demo

From the ever elusive The International Meet comes a new demo from a soon to be studio recorded ep.
This seems very unlike them, lo-fi live to cassette has always been like caviar to them. But Stamford indie superstar Chris 'skeezix' Trudeau has, upon hearing their demos, agreed to produce and engineer some sessions with them at his cavernous and well stocked Westhill Puppy Garage studio.

BrownHavenGreenHavenDEMO2.097bpm.mp3 - 5.5 MB

BrownHaven GreenHaven DEMO.mp3 - 5.61 MB

Oh look a Moon! (an instant movie by t.mrsn)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ROTSSB Demos Part 2

Two more candidates for my in-progress covers collection.
I love all these songs and It's a good chance to dismantle them, recreate them and hopefully learn all the secrets they have inside.
My most recent demos are for John Barry and his theme to Midnight Cowboy and John Carpenters theme to Escape From New York

MidnightCowboy.mp3 - 5.49 MB
EscapeFromNewYork.mp3 - 5.03 MB

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Lions (of judah) - Western Apocalypse Demo

The Lions hit us off with the latest soundtrack to the western zombie apocalypse.
The players on this one are Chris, who held down the Roland DR-660 Drum Machine, a vintage Casiotone and a PC laptop running a Mackie mixing console. T. did that thing he does with two Technics 1210 turntables running through his customized Ecler HAK mixer, An awesome bent Casio SK-1 and a Macbook Pro, Drew did the major work with a seventies era Casiotone, Kevin brought in multitracking of his classic Roland JP 8000 synthesizer, Gregg held down the spot as our spiritual advisor, frontman and bass technician. All production, engineering, recording and mixing by Chris 'skeezix' Trudeau. Written and Recorded Digitally in The Westy Puppy Garage.

Return of the Super Shitbird Demos

Three Instrumental demos I made for a covers project.
My plan moving forward is to get them inbetween the grit and the dirt. So anyhow, whatev, Two Gary Numans and a TeeVee theme tune. Stems are available for collaborators to remix, remake and generally have at, hit me up in the comments.

Are Friends Electric?.mp3 - 9.05 MB
Cars.mp3 - 6.01 MB
MagnumP.I..mp3 - 1.71 MB