Saturday, June 26, 2010

THE LIONS (of judah) - Friday Night Lights

Halloween 2009
The Lions, Stamford CT, performing as a three piece recorded live, digitally in the Westy Garage. During the annual Halloween party at the Westy Garage the present members of The Lions offered guests a set as a power trio. The Lions involved are Drew Trudeau playing a Gibson SG electric guitar, Kevin Jones playing a Roland JP8000 syntheizer and T. who produced this track is handling drums, two technics 1210s thru a Ecler HAK mixer and vocals. Party Attendees also added percussion. Everyone was glad that all neighbors involved were in attendance.
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P.S. Someone told me there is a fairly popular network television show with the same name as this song, while the title does reflect football, I didn't know of the show at the time and have still never seen it, unless its that gambling one with Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino? Cause I saw that shit.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Lions (of judah) - Miranda Super Apple

The Lions (of judah) - Miranda Super Apple
June 12, 2010
The Lions, Stamford Ct. 'Miranda Super Apple' recorded live, digitally at The Westy Garage, featuring Chris Trudeau (sicboy, The Stick, Kill Or Be Killed) who produced this session while holding down the Boss DR660 Drum machine and a Casiotone piano, Andrew Trudeau (sicboy, The Stick, A 2Pac Alyptic) is featured playing both a Gibson SG, and a Casiotone piano, Kevin Jones (sicboy, Shrockzilla) brilliantly plays a vintage Roland JP8000 Synthesizer, Gregg (The JG Mountain Ballards) provides melody with an Electric Bass Guitar, T. (sicboy, dharmata, the international meet, Dj Tanner) plays a macbook pro with two Technics 1210's through an Ecler HAK mixer. The entire band plays through various triggered effect mechanisms. The Lions (of judah) 'Miranda Super Apple' is a brand new rock and roll composition created by professionals using a customized and dangerously high powered sound system, We must insist, Please do not attempt this at home. This Video is mixed to be played LOUD.
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

THE LIONS (of judah) - Mysterious Signals

The Lions (of judah) - Mysterious Signals
Live - August 22,2009
Recorded Live, Digitally last year at a secret 'House Party'
in Northern Stamford, CT
Opting to go against the norm for playing at a party, The Lions set up the recording gear and the high powered massively overloaded and dangerous multi-piece sound system. They mingled about for a few and then they offered guests this six minute sad electro lament at a huge volume. The partygoers seemed both unfazed and uncaring.

The personnel on this track are as follows Chris Trudeau (sicboy, The Stick) both produced this recording and plays a casiotone piano, Drew Trudeau (sicboy, The Stick) plays a Gibson SG guitar along with a casiotone piano, Kevin Jones (sicboy) soars while playing a vintage Roland JP8000 Synthesizer, Gregg provides low end with an Electric Bass Guitar, T.(sicboy, dharmata,the international meet, Dj Tanner) plays a macbook pro, A Boss DR660 Drum machine with twoTechnics 1210s through an Ecler HAK mixer. The band plays customized instruments through many and varied customized effects units.
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

THE LIONS (of judah) - The MISSING

The Lions (of judah) - The Missing
The Lions, Stamford Ct. 'The Missing' recorded live, digitally at The Westy Garage, featuring Christopher Trudeau (sicboy, The Stick, Atlas Nation Rising, Nassau) on both Farfisa organ and Wurlitzer piano, Andrew Trudeau (sicboy, The Stick, Kimmy Gibbler, poet, Curse) is playing both a Gibson SG, and a Fender Rhodes piano, Kevin Jones (sicboy, Spartans of the Grave, Death of A Disco Dancer) plays both a heavily modified Yamaha DX7 and a bent KORG Triton, Gregg plays both a Subliminal sub bass woofer and a Telekinesis Telepathic deep bass tone generator, t.mrsn (sicboy, dharmata, the international meet, Dj Tanner, Curse) plays both an 808 and a 909 with 2 Technics 1210's through a Ecler HAK mixer along with a circuit bent Casio SK-1 that has a pitch wheel modification. The Lions (of judah) 'The Missing' is a completely improvised rock and roll incident.
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THE LIONS (of judah)

We at Curse just wanted you to know...

If you haven't heard 'The Lions (of judah)' yet - you can file the records they make under the same banner as cats like Kraftwerk, Neu!, Mogwai, Steinski, Lee Scratch Perry, John Barry, The Bomb Squad, Spacemen 3, The Future Sound Of London, etc... Maybe like shoegaze hip hop rock dance hardcore disco punk rock jamtronica trancefusion. Maybe its like Philip Glass having a head injury jamming with MARRS and going sludge metal. We think it is kinda like a silent movie without any pictures, its party music.


Curse Industries
presents a review of...
WFMU Switched On Hip,
Moog Music Sampler

My favorites so far...

The Two Johnny Cash songs are tops -
Folsom Prison Blues by Gil Trythall and
I Walk the Line by Rick Powell

Spanish Flea by Sid Bass, I call this song the theme to 'The Dating Game' and it is of course super hot, I have a real love for gameshow music and this is of that wonderful genre.

Hair by Mort Garson is Bladerunner fresh and timeless.

Polk Salad Annie by Gil Trythall (again) is like some atari shit you never heard before.

Moogie Boogie by The Zeet Band (great name) sounds like chase music from Miami Vice, i can't seeing wanting to hear the whole song again, but i would drop a few seconds of it at a party just to release the flavor.

Porcupine Pie by Hugo Montenegro is a weird 8-bit atari seventies porno soundtrack, it's like a cheesy hot jazz combo playing with a shit hot moog player who has the most awesome like 8-bit atari tones and sounds and its this totally stereotypical porno movie sounding jam, five stars

Whats New Pussycat by Wendy (Walter) Carlos, its a carnival jam cover version that is really Wendy Carlos, Its like an outtake from A Clockwork Orange that didn't make it into the film. I am not much for carnival music but I do like the super freakout at the end, Scary.

If you enjoyed those jams I recommend checking out
One Note Samba. Its the spazrock of Switched On Moog songs.