Saturday, June 26, 2010

THE LIONS (of judah) - Friday Night Lights

Halloween 2009
The Lions, Stamford CT, performing as a three piece recorded live, digitally in the Westy Garage. During the annual Halloween party at the Westy Garage the present members of The Lions offered guests a set as a power trio. The Lions involved are Drew Trudeau playing a Gibson SG electric guitar, Kevin Jones playing a Roland JP8000 syntheizer and T. who produced this track is handling drums, two technics 1210s thru a Ecler HAK mixer and vocals. Party Attendees also added percussion. Everyone was glad that all neighbors involved were in attendance.
To see the high resolution video click here
P.S. Someone told me there is a fairly popular network television show with the same name as this song, while the title does reflect football, I didn't know of the show at the time and have still never seen it, unless its that gambling one with Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino? Cause I saw that shit.

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