Thursday, June 3, 2010

THE LIONS (of judah) - The MISSING

The Lions (of judah) - The Missing
The Lions, Stamford Ct. 'The Missing' recorded live, digitally at The Westy Garage, featuring Christopher Trudeau (sicboy, The Stick, Atlas Nation Rising, Nassau) on both Farfisa organ and Wurlitzer piano, Andrew Trudeau (sicboy, The Stick, Kimmy Gibbler, poet, Curse) is playing both a Gibson SG, and a Fender Rhodes piano, Kevin Jones (sicboy, Spartans of the Grave, Death of A Disco Dancer) plays both a heavily modified Yamaha DX7 and a bent KORG Triton, Gregg plays both a Subliminal sub bass woofer and a Telekinesis Telepathic deep bass tone generator, t.mrsn (sicboy, dharmata, the international meet, Dj Tanner, Curse) plays both an 808 and a 909 with 2 Technics 1210's through a Ecler HAK mixer along with a circuit bent Casio SK-1 that has a pitch wheel modification. The Lions (of judah) 'The Missing' is a completely improvised rock and roll incident.
To see the high resolution video click here

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